What colour is your hunger? Let MoodFood tell you!

When you tell MoodFood what colour matches your mood, it will seek out restaurant suggestions based on foods that best match the emotional response to your selected colour. Red Piston has developed an interesting algorithm which determines what kind of cuisine fits your daily mood based on the color chosen.

Choosing what’s for lunch has never been so colourful!

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Project Type:
  • Dev Prog
  • Mobile

Developed By

Jakub Koter (Main Developer and Designer)

Partner & creative design lead. As the creator of multiple best-selling iPhone applications, Jakub brings more than 10 years of multimedia creative design and development. His creative talents extend beyond interfaces to audio production and motion graphics. His work has been featured in magazines and blogs, and he remains at the forefront of trends and emerging technologies to bring new perspectives to each project.

Andy Kale (Design Support)

Partner & user experience lead. Beginning his career in Toronto, Andy has worked in the Canadian interactive industry for fifteen years. He has a 360-degree view, having worked on both the client and agency side of the business, and in both account management and development capacities. This perspective helps to get inside the minds of both client and target user, leading to well constructed interfaces and overall user experience.