When building an app that utilizes YellowAPI™, please follow these simple branding requirements. Keep this in mind as you design your app's UI/UX - that way you’ll ensure the best integration possible without having to go through the hassle of modifying your design later on.

Branding Attribution Requirements

The endorsement line “Powered by” should be used when any product, service and/or application is developed and marketed by a third party using Yellow Pages data. (e.g. YellowAPI™).

Logos & Graphics

Use the following badges for branding attribution in your app:

EN Dark on light background (.PNG)

EN Light on dark background (.PNG)

FR Dark on light background (.PNG)

FR Light on dark background (.PNG)

Make sure to respect the following with these badges:

  • Do not modify or alter the appearance of the badges;
  • Do not use the badges as part of artwork such as patterns, mosaics, etc;
  • Respect padding around badges to ensure clarity and readability;
  • Badge resize is allowed as long as aspect ratio is kept intact;
  • Respect minimal size requirements as per following diagrams:


The images must link to:

badge.YellowAPI.com (English)

insigne.YellowAPI.com (French)

Logo Positioning

The badges should be visible in at least one of these situations, depending on your application:

  • on the search results page where YellowAPI™ data is displayed
  • on map views where YellowAPI™ data is displayed
  • on listing details pages where YellowAPI™ data is displayed

If you have any question or have a special request for branding attribution in your app, please send an email to developer@yellowapi.com.

Ownership Notice

When using the “Powered by” badges, please insert the following Ownership Notice in the Legal section of your app:

English: Yellow Pages & Design is a trademark of Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions in Canada.

French: Le logo Pages Jaunes est une marque de commerce de Pages Jaunes Solutions numériques et médias au Canada.