YellowAPI's Places API allows you to stream top Canadian local search content into your applications.

Using our database of over 1.5 million business listings and associated rich content, you can deliver the best data to your users without the need for your own directory. We are constantly searching for new ways to provide additional value for our advertisers by exposing their profiles (merchant pages) in new and creative ways. It's a win-win!

YellowAPI provides us with a trusted source for data that has already been sorted by a real human. I've used other un-curated data sources and had to hand craft algorithms to try and categorize data resulting in semi-trusted data. YellowAPI allows me to skip that entire step.

Jevin Maltais, Quickjack

Why should you use YellowAPI's Places API? Here are a few good reasons:

  • Canada's leading local search data provider with over 1.5 million business listings
  • Data is curated: our content is relevant and clean, updated daily
  • The richest content available; videos, photos, ad thumbnails and much more
  • Geocoded listings for map overlay and proximity search
  • It's FREE!

Available Content

Take a closer look at the quick walkthrough below. For complete details please consult the Documentation.

Find a Business

Just like a search engine, YellowAPI allows you to search for a business using keywords, phone numbers and business names. You then need to specify a location and you will get a JSON or XML response with the corresponding results.

View Sample FindBusiness API Call
View Documentation for FindBusiness

Retrieve More Details for a Business

You have been able to find businesses accurately, but you would like to know more about them. Using the listingID of a specific business, you can get more detailed information such as hours of operation and rich media content such as videos and photos!

View Sample GetBusinessDetails API Call
View Documentation for GetBusinessDetails

Look for Dealers or Branches

Using the ParentID from a listing result (called from FindBusiness), you can retrieve all the branches/locations of a specific company!

View Sample FindDealer API Call
View Documentation for FindDealer

Help Your Users Figure Out What They Are Looking For

Take advantage of our auto-suggestion feature to make your app even easier to use!

View Sample GetTypeAhead API Call
View Documentation for GetTypeAhead

Request Limits

The Sandbox API key will be available immediately after application has been registered. This key is to be used for testing and development purposes.

Once application is ready for launch (and approved by the YellowAPI team), you can register for the Production What/Where API key.

Please note that the key will only be enabled by the YellowAPI team once your application is ready to go live and meets requirements found in the Terms of Use. To submit your application, please email

Sandbox API Key

Active Upon registration
Throttle Rate 1 call per second
Quota Limit 300 calls per day

Production What/Where API Key

Active Request Needed
Throttle Rate 2 calls per second
Quota Limit 5,000 calls per day

These two keys will enable the proper tracking of your application's traffic. If you need to increase the quota on the Sandbox API key, please email

Terms of Use

Please take a moment to read our Terms of Use

Here are some highlights:

  • Do include proper attribution to YellowAPI by reading our Brand Guidelines
  • Do use a different key for each of your different applications (ie. iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Android vs. Web)
  • Do be creative and develop innovative applications. Inspire yourself with the App Gallery
  • Don't confuse, overlap, obscure, or blend our data with information from other sources
  • Don't manipulate, modify or cache the data
  • Don't use the YellowAPI to set up a competing application or website